VIVA Pooh Tribute Band was born as an idea towards the end of the 90s from our deep passion for this magical Italian group. The songs of Pooh, thanks to the emotions that communicated us in every concert and new composition, have accompanied us since we were kids and with them we started to love the music, the instruments, and started to sing and play, First for fun and then for work.
In 1999 we released a cd entitled "Poohcover", collecting our favorite songs of the period 70/90, but never performing live. Since 2009 our Live dimension has taken over thanks to the graft of Vincenzo, our Roby.
The historical base of friends and musicians formed by Marco, Massimo and Alessandro, at this point found a determining element to the definitive formation of the VIVA Pooh Tribute Band.

In 2014 we had the great honor of being called by Red Canzian in person to be part of the official cd of the best Italian tribute band Pooh.

We recorded our own version of the song "Rotolando respirando" in the studios of the Pooh in Milan, with their technicians and using their tools. It was a wonderful experience. The cd is entitled "Pooh Tribute Band Project" and, following this, we received from the Pooh the official stamp that attests to our belonging to the Italian official tribute bands.

Since 2015 we have added to the basic line-up a second keyboardist who follows orchestral arrangements and sequences. Since 2018 we have a new young and very prepared bassist. All the details of the current components and their instrumentation are on the page "Band".

Currently we perform live concerts throughout Italy. The repertoire varies a lot, including the historical melodic songs, the best of recent ones and especially the symphonic pop-rock ones so dear to us, such as: Parsifal, Ultima notte di caccia, Viva, Inca, Rotolando Respirando and many others.
We are waiting for you at our concerts to sing together the beautiful songs of Pooh!

Bye for now!